Innovative power that looks ahead
We have it thanks to our past
Opposites attract

Unlike many up-and-coming solution providers, CYOSS is ready for the challenges of digitalisation thanks to its unique culture which combines start-up spirit with serious reliability, innovative drive and reassuring long-term experience. The reason for this unique blend lies in our history and our customers benefit from it today and will continue to profit from it in the future.

we act tactically

CYOSS was created by the company ESG, which has been advising the German Armed Forces in all aspects of system integration and logistics for more than 50 years. Added to this are 20 years of experience in system integration of electrical and electronic components for vehicle developments of leading car manufacturers. The tactical and process-oriented thinking required for these projects continues to characterise the cooperation between CYOSS and its customers today.

maximum security is in our DNA

Companies with military and governmental customers are sensitised to and specialised in high-security topics. CYOSS has inherited this DNA from ESG, using it to an advantage for the development and further development of cyber security in the private sector.

our innovative spirit goes way back

Manufacturer-independent thinking always opens up new paths. As in the last 50 years at ESG, CYOSS today focuses solely on the best solution for our customers. And always according to your individual requirements.

we think outside the box

In the era of digitisation, data analytics and cyber security no longer only refer to data from in-house IT systems. Thanks to our decades of experience, we are also ideally positioned for data use and data security in embedded systems and Industry 4.0 plants.

with all this technology, we don't forget people

This philosophy is reflected in our corporate culture and our solutions. At CYOSS, system developers and IT engineers are passionate about creating the best solutions. And we take our customers along with us on this journey. In Germany's first cyber simulation center, we enable IT staff to detect cyber attacks early on and ensure their ability to act.

Refreshing start-up feeling
and long-standing expertise

As an ESG Group company, CYOSS brings exactly the right mix for the start of digital transformation and the race against disruptive forces in the market. Get to know us and benefit from what we offer!