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Cyber Security & Data Analytics in IoT

The Internet of Things, how networked systems can be protected and why cyber security and data analytics are two sides of the same coin: Our experts Dr. Oliver Hanka and Dr. Michael Merk were interviewed 11th February 2020 in Frankfurt am Main by the German TV presenter, Ralph Szepanski.

Data is experiencing an invaluable increase in value in today's connected world. In the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, connected cars and smart cities, they are a great asset for business and society. However, these data streams also represent sensitive targets that attackers can easily reach. If networked devices are attacked, this no longer only has financial effects, but can also pose a risk to life and limb.

Therefore, comprehensive protection is more important than ever. However, this only exists if security has been taken into account from the start of product development. According to the principle of "security-by-design", security analyses must be carried out during development and defence mechanisms integrated into the product. Periodical design reviews and penetration tests ensure end-to-end security in the various development phases. In addition to securing the product itself, evaluating the company's IT and production facilities is extremely important. As well as technology, the human factor and the processes used must not be neglected here.

(Video only available in German.)

Minimise the risks of IoT technology with cyber security - maximise the opportunities with data analytics

While we minimise the risks for companies with cyber security, we also attach great importance to maximising the opportunities of IoT technology with data analytics. Technologically, both fields are closely interlinked. Modern solutions for the analysis of large amounts of data today consist of a large number of very powerful and complex technologies and already use sophisticated methods of artificial intelligence (AI). Since the scalability of the infrastructure is essential, we mainly rely on cloud infrastructures that we have previously trimmed according to European standards in terms of information security and data protection. On the other hand, suspicious anomalies in complex networks are only detected using modern data analytics and AI methods. Data analytics and cyber security are growing closer together and we at CYOSS have made it our mission to find the best possible balance between the two fields.

Both topics make a significant contribution to improving the competitiveness of companies. Using advanced analytics, for example, it is possible to achieve an increase in production volume by 25% and a reduction in downtime by up to 45%. With the help of a technology framework based on standardised open source technologies - such as the CYOSS Data Solutions Platform - all common data analytics questions can be solved effectively, efficiently and at a constant security level.

For both data analytics and cyber security issues, we use initial quick checks to assess a company’s current maturity level. On the one hand, we identify opportunities to generate added value for the company through targeted analysis of existing data. On the other hand, we develop measures to achieve the desired security level. Classic IT, the production infrastructure (operational technology) and the product itself are all taken into account.

Top experts at high-tech location

Many companies are, however, only at the beginning of their digitisation journey - security must be firmly anchored in the product development process right from the start and data-driven decision-making is only a defined goal. Data analytics and cyber security are undergoing rapid technological development and to keep up with this, specialists with particular expertise are required. For most companies, it is not economically viable or even realistic to develop the above-mentioned skills internally and to maintain them permanently. That is why we at CYOSS have bundled international top experts at the high-tech location Munich, so that our customers can benefit from the experience gained from many projects and different industries.