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CYOSS team live in action @ Munich corporate social project day

Corporate social responsibility is an important issue for us at CYOSS. That’s why, on 23 May 2019, a highly motivated team took part in the 3rd Munich corporate social project day (Aktionstag Münchner Unternehmen "Des mach ma!"). For one day they swapped laptop and phone for hammer, paintbrush and garden tools - and instead of attending customer meetings, drafting concepts and programming, they diligently worked on a project in the fresh air.

The eight team members enthusiastically spent an active day at the Integrated Living Community Center (IWO) in Munich's Nymphenburg district. The city of Munich’s project under the sponsorship of the Hilfe im Alter GmbH of the Innere Mission Munich e.V. offers sheltered accommodation for the elderly, where the residents live in neighbouring appartments and share a courtyard garden. And exactly this courtyard was the focus of the project day - various repair and garden work was desperately needed so that the area is prepared for the upcoming summer.

The day gave our colleagues the chance to put their skills – well practised in the office! – to good use in a completely different way. In coordinated teamwork, IT experts and business managers built and painted a new wooden storage shed for garden tools. Security was, of course, high on the list of priorities, so our cyber security experts felt totally at home! The data analytics specialists were delighted to be able to work for a change with really tangible objects and gave the garden furniture a thorough makeover. The team also put their (CYOSS!) green fingers to the test and devoted themselves with great gusto to repairing and planting a raised bed.

During the day, many of the elderly residents came by to admire the work and to thank the team for their energetic support. Some even joined in and helped with the planting! In further chats over lunch together, the team was able to gain a deeper insight into the lives of the residents.

At the end of the day, the team enthused about being given the opportunity to become socially involved through work. Senior Data Scientist Christoph said "This social project day has given me a change of perspective that is not always possible in my daily job. It was an enriching experience that gave me new insights into the lives of elderly people. I will definitely have a totally different awareness from now on. "

We are delighted to have been able to help our non-profit project partner IWO with our commitment and practical support. And full of new impressions, our team now returns to their desks with a new understanding of working together for the benefit of others.