CYOSS @ B2Run Munich

We were there - an unforgettable team experience to be part of the Munich corporate run in the Olympiapark!

In perfect weather conditions and full of motivation, the CYOSS running team took part in the B2Run in Munich on the evening of 16 July. With 30,000 participants from around 1,500 companies, the corporate run was a big event for the city. The route led 6.1km through the green Olympic Park, where numerous spectators cheered on the runners.

In a final sprint, the nine CYOSS runners ran through the finishing line in the Olympic Stadium. All the finishers were in a celebratory mood and, as well-deserved refreshment was provided, everyone’s faces slowly returned to a normal colour again ;-) The whole event and, in particular, the chance to be active as a small team together amidst so many participants, was an unforgettable experience!