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Information Security Check – combating the danger of cyber attacks

Industrial espionage, sabotage and data theft through cyber attacks cause damage worth EUR 55 billion in Germany every year.1 How can companies ensure that their expertise is protected and check whether their processes are vulnerable to manipulation? The Information Security Check described below provides solutions.

Why are cyber attacks so dangerous?
48 percent of all small and medium-sized businesses have been attacked online in the last two years. The financial damage caused by an online attack amounts to EUR 46,000 on average, making comprehensive protection against cyber criminality increasingly important.2

A cyber attack can not only disrupt a company’s own business operations, but also result in the theft of customer data and loss of reputation. Defending against cyber criminality and industrial espionage has now become an economic necessity for companies.

What are the risks?
76 percent of cyber incidents result from lack of knowledge among staff.3 Expensive technical equipment such as firewalls and antivirus products are often bought before the really urgent vulnerabilities have been analysed and assessed. Although IDS, IPS and firewall solutions can help to detect cyber attacks, they do not help companies to react quickly and effectively. IT staff need to know how to deal with these solutions as a whole – training is essential.

It isn’t easy to maintain an overview of the current information security status in an organisation. Regulations and legal requirements change constantly and it is also often unclear whether the measures recommended by the authorities have been implemented and which fundamental security measures still need to be taken.

Why invest in security measures?
Security measures are not an end in themselves. Organisational and technical security measures can significantly reduce the risk of cyber attacks, thus preventing expensive damage. Because a security measure is an investment in the future, cost-benefit aspects need to be taken into account right from the planning stage. Often, a lot of money is spent without addressing the major risks. On the other hand, just a little effort is enough to achieve significant results and close security gaps.

The first step: Information Security Check
The CYOSS Information Security Check offers an analytical overall view of the current status of information security at a company. Organisational and technical risks are identified at every level – from management to IT infrastructures and even components. This is then used as the basis to derive concrete measures for improved protective barriers. The aim is to keep protective barriers as high as possible, without restricting operations too much. As well as increasing IT security for the company, this also sends a signal to customers and business partners that their data is being treated in a secure and trustworthy way.

You can find out more about the Information Security Check here: https://cyoss.com/en/cyber-security/services/security-analysis


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