Guarantee the security of SAP systems

Software defects, incorrect configuration or unauthorised access can all put SAP systems at risk of external hacker attacks or internal fraudulent activity. Find out here how to minimise the risk.

Potential hazards
The technical complexity of SAP systems and ongoing adaptation of corporate processes often create unknown security gaps. At the same time, attacks on SAP systems have increased considerably in recent years – a trend that is expected to grow further in Europe.

An SAP system landscape also has interfaces with many other systems, including operational technology (OT), making it the centrepiece of a company’s IT. Its corruption therefore has catastrophic consequences for a company’s entire IT system. Attackers who gain access can jump from one infected system to the next, gradually infiltrating a company’s entire network.

SAP security largely ignored
The results of the 2018 SAP community survey in IT-Onlinemagazin* confirm that many companies need to take action when it comes to their SAP security. 85 percent of the companies surveyed do not permanently monitor their SAP interfaces.

70 percent are unable to adhere to the GDPR registration periods, while only 30 percent have defined processes for this in order to register violations of the protection of personal data in accordance with the GDPR within 72 hours.

Further security risks come from the failure of 65 percent of the user companies to regularly monitor external developments, SAP add-ons and third-party products.

SAP Security Check
The survey shows that there is still a great need for clarification and information regarding SAP security at companies.

CYOSS uses its expertise and experience to help companies minimise the risks. We constantly check various components and concepts in the SAP system in order to uncover and resolve incorrect configurations and weak points and to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information stored in the system

Using the SAP Security Check as well as security and penetration tests, we provide an overview of the security level of a company’s SAP systems and identify potential risks. The findings are used to eliminate the vulnerabilities found and thus ensure increased SAP security. This optimum prevention protects data against unauthorised access and misuse.

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