What our team have to say

Our team lives and breathes the saying "opposites attract" every day. Here at CYOSS the start-up spirit of a recently spun-off company combines harmoniously with reassuring long-term experience from many years of being a business division of ESG. "Young guns" and "old hands" inspire each other while bringing together their strengths in computer science, mathematics, business informatics and electrical engineering. And the international diversity within the team - from 10 different countries worldwide – helps us to constantly expand our own horizons.

Voices from behind the scenes
  • “Here I have a lot of freedom to help shape things - on the one hand in customer projects, on the other hand in the further development of the company too. I can contribute my ideas and actively participate in our success.”
  • „The topics are really exciting, we work in a technologically very dynamic environment. You’re right in the heart of the market and experience the latest topics first hand.”
  • „My work is definitely not monotonous! I am involved in security projects in a variety of markets - from automotive to shipping and healthcare - and can try out various things, for example working out possible threat paths or evaluating the use of different technologies…”
  • „The mixed team makes the environment very interesting. I'm from Mexico, but I feel very comfortable in this dynamic German start-up culture. The company also gave me a lot of support, especially in the initial phase in a new country. I have been able to learn a lot – from my colleagues and through further training courses.”
  • „I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the team. CYOSS is a relatively new company, but here I have the opportunity to learn a lot and develop my skills. And I quickly got the chance to be involved in different areas of te business and make a difference.“
At the technological forefront
Our experts appreciate the technological diversity that is open to them at CYOSS:
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Python
  • Kubernetes
  • OpenShift
  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • Gradle
  • Maven
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Kibana
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus
  • TensorFlow
  • Flink
  • Spark
  • nifi
  • Kafka
  • Storm
Challenges in two digital worlds
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