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Safeguard and approve

Are you about to develop a new embedded system or product, or refine an existing one? Or does your customer require you to verify the security of your products/systems?

Cyber security isn’t just important for IT infrastructures. Embedded systems are also increasingly exposed to threats of hacker attacks. The complexity of systems is rising, thus increasing the number of potential weak points.

New kinds of embedded systems are often not protected by security templates, requiring a completely new security concept to be created. Internet-capable vehicles, for instance, do not use standard IT components, but vehicle-specific buses and operating systems.

The security requirements on manufacturer products are also becoming increasingly specific: automotive suppliers and manufacturers of energy systems, drive technology or medical technology, for instance, have to test the security of their products/systems before they are allowed to use them.

Security right from the design phase

It is becoming increasingly important that information security is taken into consideration when developing new products, and that the principle of Security-by-Design is adhered to. CYOSS stands for security from the beginning of development to the delivery of a product: We develop and improve security mechanisms in all steps of the development process in close cooperation with our clients. The aim is to identify and prevent potential weaknesses early on in the planning phase.

Your advantage: Security concepts during the system’s development ensure the systematic identification of all assets, threats and possible measures.

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Identify vulnerabilities

We offer embedded security and penetration tests to identify these security issues and analyse the security mechanisms used. We systematically conduct tests and specifically search for potential points of attack. If any weak points are found, they will be assessed to determine the risk they pose and recommendations will be made as to how to eliminate them.

Your advantage: If you know the weak points in your systems, you can effectively protect yourself from internal and external attacks for the long term!

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Avoid pitfalls in embedded security

Some companies are already  on the right track and use different security mechanisms in their product development. In our experience, however, there are 10 common pitfalls in embedded security that you should definitely know about and counteract.

Top 10 Embedded Security Pitfalls
Products can do more and more
CYOSS can too
  • Long-term experience with embedded systems, including in the automotive, transportation and aerospace industries – we know the perspective of the developers as well as that of the security experts.
  • We are masters in “security” as well as “safety” and can appraise the implications one has on the other.
  • For example, we have developed the security concepts and requirements for various OEMs in the automotive industry which the suppliers have to put into practice and refine. That’s how we know precisely how we can support you.