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Cyber security is a process that has to quickly and continuously adapt to new threats. CYOSS makes setting up and further development of effective shields manageable. Operators of critical infrastructures and connected technologies can now benefit from the same security expertise that is used by the military. Originating from a long-standing system partner of the German Armed Forces and with our comprehensive range of services in prevention, detection and response, we form a powerful unit for your lasting protection.

Which area do you want to secure?

End-to-end security management is required to proactively eliminate vulnerabilities. We consider the physical security as well as the system security. And not just within the IT infrastructure. We also keep in mind the opening up of corporate networks for mobile access by employees, cloud concepts and embedded systems. And we do this with a forward-thinking approach: Industry 4.0 and connected mobility - we include industrial control systems in the cyber security strategy (Operational Technology - OT).


Recognise attacks in time and minimise potential damage - nowadays technology alone is no longer enough to meet this challenge. It is also necessary to monitor the technology, train and qualify employees in processes, detection and response. Rely on our holistic approach: CYOSS strengthens competencies through an extremely realistic training experience. And our partner RadarServices provides continuous risk monitoring and an early warning system for attacks on your IT as a solution or as managed services.

Cyber Simulation & Training Center

In our highly modern simulation center, emergency situations become tangible: How does your IT security staff react under pressure? And how fast do the latest protective measures work? As a former division of a certified aeronautics company, ESG, CYOSS has many years of experience in the application of simulation technologies and uses this expertise in its Cyber Simulation & Training Center with an impressive impact. The experience under deceptively real conditions provides crucial training and specifically strengthens the competence of your IT security staff or SOC team.

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SOC Empowerment Services

RadarServices systematically promotes the development and expansion of your internal SOC team. They implement their leading cyber security detection technology, adapt the RadarPlatform to the specific needs of your SOC team and make them manageable with training.

Managed Security Services

RadarServices provides all tools related to the RadarPlatform and manages the operation for you. With its in-house development made in Europe, RadarServices offers a platform without back doors. This provides 24/7 monitoring of the IT and OT infrastructure. All IT risk and security information is presented centrally in the risk & security cockpit and real-time alerts are triggered in the event of an emergency.

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Technology, people, processes
Our end-to-end approach is your comprehensive solution

Together, CYOSS and RadarServices are the perfect partners offering the best cyber security for businesses and public authorities. We employ our size to give you comprehensive protection. We combine preventive security technologies and the empowerment of IT professionals to ensure manageable processes. Set the course for comprehensive cyber security now. Because your data is worth it.

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