Secure Operation
Secure Operation
Maximum security for your data center

Nowhere is the value of data more evident to businesses than in a data center. If a failure occurs here, the damage caused often costs millions. As a result, data centers - as the heart of critical IT infrastructures - are subject to particularly stringent requirements. At the same time, data centers must be able to keep up with constant technical development. Operators too have a further important requirement: economic efficiency. It’s a good thing that CYOSS considers all these aspects when optimising data security.

Because we take a closer look

With CYOSS at your side, you don’t just put security to the test, but also focus on the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of your data center. With a vendor-neutral view on solutions, our familiarity with military and civil security standards, and our experience working with the BSI, we bring the right expertise to build or refurbish your data center or server rooms.

Our services:
  • On-site analyses with documentation of results, evaluations and recommendations for action
  • Concepts (technical, operation, business continuity management, disaster recovery, guidelines and emergency handbooks)
  • Implementation of the measures
Cloud Services

We can also help you leverage the advantages of a cloud while maintaining the security of on-premise solutions. Independent from providers, we advise you on the integration and implementation of private and secure clouds or provide you with secure encrypted connections to the secure cloud.

Your benefits
  • Supplier-neutral planning and implementation with a focus on your needs
  • Procurement support through preparation of the technical tender documents and evaluation of the offers
  • Monitoring the execution in your interest
  • Cost savings by avoiding non-compliance with legal requirements
  • Increased cost efficiency (e.g. energy, space, operating expenses)
  • Controlled recovery in case of failure
  • Transparency
Halved operating costs with complete security
A success story with CYOSS

By rebuilding and renewing the physical infrastructure of all the plants of an international aerospace company, we achieved a reduction in operating costs of over 30%. By rebuilding and renewing the entire IT system with renewal of all system components, introduction of new software structures and systems, relocation to other sites and transfer into operation, we were able to reduce operating costs by about 50%.

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