Secure Operation
Security Analysis
From overview to master plan

Protecting the value potential of your company data for the long term takes all-round attention: Between updates, upgrades and end of support, your infrastructure is constantly changing. New regulations like the EU-GDPR are coming and existing requirements like the IT Security Act are being expanded. Who can keep an eye on everything with these dynamic changes in the company? And who will be there to close critical security gaps if important employees with the know-how leave the company?

Time for a master plan

CYOSS will systematically create an overview of your current security level for you. We comprehensively chart out your information technology and objectively analyse your employees’ understanding and handling of information security. Everything from the corporate level to the IT infrastructure and down to system level is taken into account in the process. This gives you a documented analysis of the state of your information security – the basis for a comprehensive plan of action.

Quick check (3 hours)

Set the course free of charge

We offer the following services free of charge to give you a first impression of your security level so we can offer tailor-made follow-up steps:

  • Compact interview
  • On-site inspection
Information security check (1 to 2 days)

Identifying the current situation

The information security check is the right choice to determine the state of information security in a company, branch office, data processing centre, network area or individual IT system:

  • Substantiated examination and documentation of the current information security status
  • Priorities can be set on an individual basis
  • Monitoring and comparability of the results
  • Derivation of specific measures to improve the security level
Information security audit (1 to 14 days)

Information and compliance security

The handling of sensitive information is subject to special regulations. We assess the efficacy of measures and document the weak points according to the requirements of ISO 27001. This service package is the right choice for purposes such as preparing for a certification:

  • Substantiated examination of the current information security state as per ISO 27001 / ISO 27001 based on the IT baseline protection of the German Federal Office for Information Security
  • Audit planning enables focusing on issues such as processes, IT infrastructure or project implementation
  • Audit report documents vulnerabilities which the IT security measures are to close
Your advantages
  • Quick and cost-effective identification of the current security level
  • Information on the efficacy of your information security management system (ISMS)
  • Demand-oriented decision-making aid for strategic business goals
  • Prioritisation of risk-prevention measures
  • Gain findings on immediate information security improvement
  • Independent review by a neutral third party
Company-wide cyber security
A success story with CYOSS

We conducted information security checks at five medium-sized subsidiaries of a German holding company to gain an overview of the security level in the individual companies. The goal was to identify potential security vulnerabilities and derive measures which improve information security at all subsidiaries for the long term. The result was impressive: The security level of the group of companies was significantly increased on the whole, information security awareness was improved and a uniform standard was established for all companies.

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