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Despite all technical protective measures, humans still play the leading role in the prevention and detection of cyber attacks. They are after all responsible for making the right decisions when defending and responding to them. We train the necessary skills with highly effective experiences in a realistic simulation environment. Discover your options in our Cyber Simulation & Training Center or by remote access at your site.


Skilled handling of security tools is the basic prerequisite for the operational competence of your IT security team. We train your staff in attack detection and defence with the utmost intensity. In our simulation center we simulate IT infrastructures with common security technologies and challenge your IT professionals with fully automatic attacks under realistic conditions. We make and keep your skills fit for real-life emergencies!


As digitisation increases, so does the need for security expertise. However, skilled staff are scarce. And in addition to standard knowledge, skills in dealing with specific cyber attacks are required. The solution: We equip your existing specialists with appropriate training measures for the challenges of IT and industrial security.


Alert employees play a vital role in preventing complex cyber attacks – because the attacks often start with professional phishing and social engineering, which are increasingly difficult to identify in everyday working life. Our interactive trainings sensitise users, IT staff and managers. Using realistic simulated campaigns, we can measure and then raise the risk awareness in your organisation.

Our Cyber Simulation & Training Center

Benefit from our decades of experience in the use of complex simulation technology for training and testing in the automotive and aviation industries. The CYOSS Cyber Simulation & Training Center has state-of-the-art cyber simulation technology that has already proved its worth in an international environment and a variety of industries. In the realistically simulated IT environment, your employees gain valuable practical experience without risking their own infrastructure.

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