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In the healthcare industry, the protection of human life has precedence over economic considerations. IT security is a vital instrument and will hit the healthcare industry even harder in the years to come. Hospitals in particular are a potential target of cybercrime.


increased Cyber attacks in the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector has seen the largest increase in cyber attacks in recent years compared to other sectors (Source: McAfee Labs Threats Report December 2017). The digitisation of hospitals brings with it new potential for attack. Health data is indispensable for the smooth running of hospitals and losing access to this data would mean that doctors can no longer adequately treat patients. In addition, medical devices are particularly vulnerable due to their critical functions. If these devices fail after an attack, this can have life-threatening consequences for the patients.

Over the last few years, CYOSS has repeatedly found that many parties involved in healthcare lack adequate levels of security. Many healthcare facilities are insufficiently secured due to lack of investment. Frequently recurrent security problems have often been an indication that some hospitals lack appropriate knowledge or underestimate the risk. IT staff are being challenged more and more and the increasingly outdated systems can not keep up with the advancing digitisation.

IT security also plays an important role in the economic success of hospitals today. To be economically successful, a hospital needs a functioning and modern IT infrastructure. It's time to take IT security to a new level!

Hospitals that concern themselves with achieving a sufficient IT security level in good time save a lot of money in the long term. IT security is not cheap! But you should always ask yourself what it will cost if you do nothing. And preventive security measures are a worthwhile investment, in the same way that preventive check-ups are too. Because costs in the event of an attack exceed preventive security investments and harm the reputation and trust in key healthcare facilities.

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Possible course and treatment options
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How we treat security symptoms
  • To assess and diagnose security vulnerabilities and risks, we provide Information Security Checks. This will give you an overview of the current state of information security in your organisation and allow you to plan optimisations and improvements.
  • With security testing (e.g. penetration tests), we can find vulnerabilities in your systems before an attacker does – and help you to eliminate them.
  • Aware and vigilant employees play a key role in preventing complex cyber attacks. Our awareness training sessions and events sensitise employees, IT staff and executives.
Detection & Response
  • The monitoring services from our partner company RadarServices show an up-to-the-minute picture of the cyber security status of your organisation and give you timely notification of any irregularities and security gaps.
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