CYOSS Data Solutions Platform
Our technology platform for your data analysis

The targeted and efficient processing of large amounts of data requires a flexible technological foundation, because the subtleties and applications of data analysis change over time, and so does the database itself. As a basis for scalable and secure data-based applications, we have set up our own technology platform: The CYOSS Data Solutions Platform (DSP).

The DSP enables us to rapidly develop, integrate, and deploy sophisticated data analytics products and services to meet customer-specific needs.

The DSP provides a development and runtime environment based on state-of-the-art open source technologies. These technologies can be modular, scalable and pre-configured into a viable technology stack for customised data analytics products or services. From Business Intelligence solutions to applied AI, for decision support and digital process automation, the foundation of your data-driven solutions must be scalable, agile, high-performance, reliable and secure.

Your data is safe with us

As a cyber security specialist, the security of your data is particularly important to us. With the DSP we have developed a fail-safe infrastructure for automated data analysis, which allows the processing of particularly sensitive data in compliance with the highest security standards - whether in a secure cloud with C5 certification and German jurisdiction or in the customer's own data center. Whatever the case, with us your data is not subject to the US Patriot and CLOUD Act. As a trusted partner for data analytics, we ensure continuous compliance with NIST and BSI standards for you.

The availability of your data and applications is ensured in the DSP by a tight monitoring network and fully automatic system stabilisation. The infrastructure, containers, accesses and network traffic within the DSP and with the internet are continuously monitored. As a result, we do not just immediately detect anomalies in operation, but also record security-relevant abnormalities. Our cyber security specialists continuously conduct audits and penetration tests to close gaps before they become compromised. Data analytics products and services undergo the same security methodology, providing the highest level of security for your data in the cloud, from the infrastructure to the frontend.

Reach your goal quicker

The CYOSS DSP eliminates all unnecessary process steps on the way to decision support or digital process automation of your data analytics projects. Get to market quicker or speed up production with these benefits:

From development to production with one mouseclick:

From the first keystroke, all work is carried out in a development environment that can be immediately transferred to a runtime environment. No time or effort for porting is necessary.

Best of breed by default:

We are independent from technology vendors and use the strongest open source technology for each task, from the container-based infrastructure to the frontend layer. Forget bad investments or lengthy technology evaluations and benefit from our expertise. Right from the start, you can focus on solving your data analytics challenge, and be assured that the path to scalability, maintainability, and resource efficiency is clear for your solution.

No technology lock-in:

If the DSP does not offer a technology that is a priori in your business, we will adapt your development and runtime environment to this requirement. We apply our over 50 years of experience as an IT system integrator for your solutions, clearing technological obstacles and unlocking the benefits of the DSP for your existing IT landscape.

Lean processes throughout the lifecycle:

The integrated DevOps solutions for continuous integration and continuous deployment give your agile teams the power to bring any idea into production within a single sprint. It also allows you to run A/B tests in production with minimal overhead to continually optimise your data analytics products.

Benefits of the CYOSS Data Solutions Platform
  • Continuous security for your data - Our technology base meets the highest security and data privacy requirements
  • We guarantee that your data will remain in Germany - data protection in accordance with DSGVO and the application of German law give you legal certainty
  • Our solutions give you unlimited flexibility in choosing the right infrastructure without sacrificing scalability
  • According to your individual requirements, we realise data analysis for you in the cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise - you determine where the limits lie
  • With us you are not bound to any specific cloud provider and we definitely have no vendor lock-in - We are vendor-independent and consistently follow the open-source idea by disclosing the source code
  • Sustainability: Do not worry about whether a component of your application will be supported in the future - we will take care of the support and continuous development for you