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Data-driven decision-making, staying one step ahead of the competition with smart big data analytics - what company doesn’t want that? But one of the biggest challenges of the digital age is to consolidate the right data, efficiently comb through it, intelligently combine and translate it into groundbreaking insights and predictions.

Big Data Intelligence - what's that?

For us Big Data Intelligence is the key to effectively addressing these challenges. Because we apply state-of-the-art big data technologies - combined where appropriate with machine learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods – and focused entirely on your individual requirements. So we can help you to efficiently enhance the value potential of your data.

the Big Data Intelligence Journey
In 4 steps to your tailor-made solution

Get your digital transformation underway! The fastest way to data-driven insights is not just a question of technology. Right from the beginning, in keeping with our holistic approach, we involve the people who will ultimately benefit from the value potential of the data.

As an independent consulting and implementation partner, we accompany you on a "Big Data Intelligence Journey" along an established maturity model from your individual starting point to any desired destination - according to verifiable criteria and as dynamically as your needs require. With our data analytics and AI solutions we aim at continuous scalability into operational use, so we can achieve the fastest possible value contribution for your company.

The 4 stages of the journey

1. Departure
Getting to know each other in a first meeting, we also carry out a quick check of your maturity level.

2. Route
Following an ideation workshop, we will create the roadmap for your further journey.

3. Arrival at first destination
Achieve your first added-value with the implementation of first pilots.

4. Onward journey
Extend your journey with more complex solutions (product iterations).

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